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Marianella Brey

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Fashion has always captivated and inspired me. A hairstyle or color is self expression at its best…our ultimate fashion statement. I remember as a child being mesmerized by my older sisters’ extravagantly large dos as they emerged through clouds of Aquanet, and I can honestly say that these moments shaped the direction my career would take. Through my years of hands-on experience and formal continuing education I’ve come to understand that individuality is the ultimate beauty, and have built M Salon around a commitment to recognizing your individual style and helping to share it with the world.

As an American Board Certified Color Specialist & Make-Up Artist and owner of M Salon. My experience includes satisfying clientele, public relations involving local fashion, local community events, seminars, expos, and I regularly volunteer my services for causes and events.

(Marianella is fluent in Spanish)


Sydney Evans

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The industry has almost been bred into my being. My mother was my first inspiration I watched her as a young girl interact with her clients and the art that was created. So when I decided to make this a career I knew I was committed to always growing with the fashions, continuing my education. My passion is my connection with my client, the goals you have with your hair, making people glow when they leave my chair. I have traveled a lot of the west coast through my career working as an educator for Paul Mitchell. Most recently relocated to this beautiful place from Southern California as a Redken colorist and Bumble & Bumble certified.